Chirpings from the Nest--August


Here at Safe Nest, we often say we can’t do our work without the help and support of our community.  So we want to thank those who help provide our victims in shelter and their children wonderful, fun, positive experiences that build memories for years to come. 

For example, one day in August, Home Depot treated the children and moms to an awesome woodworking clinic. The kids built a home depot tow truck. Moms and children were assisting each other and taking turns hammering, painting, laughing and building new memories. The children took home an apron, a pin to put on their apron and a certificate of completion.

Then the families were off to Star Nursery where the children learned how to re-pot plants and care for them.  Everyone had to chuckle when one of the children suddenly  announced "I like dirt!"  After washing their hands, the kids got to enjoy some well deserved ice cream that was provided by Star Nursery.

To finish off that special day, everyone went to Las Vegas Indoor Sports Park where there was a new fitness workout area that just opened called Cross Fit Culmination.  The children learned good exercise habits while doing stretches, jumping jacks, bear crawls and other fun fitness exercises.

During another fun-filled day, the children and moms went to Lowe’s and built the safari truck from Madagascar 3! Upon completion, the kids received brightly colors certificates with all the characters on it. Even the staff had fun watching the kids and moms working together to problem solve. 

 The final summer field trip before the children went back to school was spectacular.  The moms and kids were invited to the McKee Ranch for the day. When we arrived they were in awe as we drove up. It looks like a scene out of an old western movie. The children and moms jumped out of the vans and ran to the horse stable where each child received a bucket full of carrots to feed the animals. The stalls were filled with animals such as horses, a donkey, pigs and chickens running around. The children loved hand feeding the animals--especially the goat named "Oreo" which is fitting for the name, because she is black and white and really round. She apparently eats everything!

The ranch is so unique that the swing is made out of tires in the shape of a horse and there are lots of little tractors and ATV’s that are not battery-operated but kid powered! As you look around the ranch there are vintage signs and knick knacks of the old west, including little hobby horses that children of all ages enjoyed sitting on. The children went on a hay ride and then walked over to the old fashioned wooden merry go round.

While the children ran and played, the moms enjoyed just relaxing and taking in the sights. To finish off our adventure for the morning they had a picnic lunch outside just before it started to rain.

 The finale was going to the 51's baseball game that night. The van was full of baseball fans of all ages. When we arrived at the baseball game everyone received some additional goodies even before we got through the gate. There was a bicycle club passing out water bottles, Frisbees and wristbands to promote health and exercise. As we walked through the gate everyone was given a 51's backpack. The kids were so excited and the game hadn’t even started yet! The families had great seats and the children immediately started pointing at everything especially the huge Jumbo Tron screen. The kids sang the songs they were playing, stood up to perform the "YMCA" song with their arms, and giggled most of the evening. It was a great night and best of all the 51's won the game! What a way to finish off the day and the summer!

 And thank you to all who make these activities possible for families who desperately need to experience the joys of life, and build happy memories.