Father's Day Pledge


This Father’s Day, the men of Las Vegas are publicly declaring their support to eradicate domestic violence.  They are making a pledge to honor past efforts by men, and to continue the work of creating healthier and stronger communities.   

This pledge comes at a time when we recognize and celebrate fatherhood.  Fathers have an important role in the family and the community, and to take a stance on this issue speaks volumes.  For many years, domestic violence awareness was thought to be a woman’s issue, but we realize to be more effective, we need the involvement of everyone.  With the support of fathers, and men in general, we can expand our reach in educating and helping to heal those affected by domestic violence.  

You can make a personal pledge by recognizing your role and influence as a father, and using that influence to uphold your family and empower your neighborhood.  Pledging your support of ridding our community of domestic violence will affect the lives of many you may not know, and will influence the lives of those you do.  Knowledge is Power.  Action is Powerful.  

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Father's Day Pledge

This Father’s Day, the men of Las Vegas publicly pledge our support to rid our community of Domestic Violence.  With this pledge, we honor the legacy of men who truly care about the well-being of women and children.  We pledge to make our voices known, and to be of service to those suffering in silence.