Holiday Giving at Safe Nest


It is the Holiday Season!  Thanks to our many supporters of the years, the women and children at our shelter truly have a peace in their lives often for the first time.  The families at Safe Nest, just like yours, enjoy holiday gifts, but they mostly want and need the services Safe Nest provides.  A former client stated “those services are what gave me the gift of peace of mind and a violence-free life.”  Is there a greater gift that you could give victims of domestic violence and their children?

This year, we are hoping that you can include the Safe Nest shelter in your holiday giving.  There are many ways that will help those in the shelter now and those who will need the services in the future.  Here is our Shelter Wish List which includes items that are needed every day.

Being as it is the holidays, we are also in need of non-breakable holiday decorations, holiday themed disposable tablecloths, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and serving trays, stockings and stocking stuffers for women and children.  And, what holiday would be complete without holiday DVDs and CD’s?

Of course, gift cards are always perfect because this will allow those in shelter to personalize gift giving for their family. It also allows the children the ability to give gifts to their Mom that they pick out! Gift cards also can be used throughout the year for birthdays and in emergencies for clients.  For example:

¯  A gas gift card fills shelter vans used to transport women to critical appointments and job interviews. The vans also are used to transport children on field trips which allow the children to experience the joy and fun of being a child.

¯  Grocery store gift cards put meals on our shelter tables.  At Safe Nest moms cook the meals.  In an atmosphere free of tension, anger or violence, they sit with their children sharing an experience that feeds their bodies and heals their spirits.

¯   Discount store gift cards are priceless! Think of all the things you purchase there. Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart cards enable staff to purchase everyday necessities filling in the gaps in our donations.  Over the counter medications are staples (flu season is here!) as are baby items.  

¯  Phone cards are a luxury.  However, in our transient community victims may be without the support of family and friends.   Phone cards provide the means to call police or to call for other assistance. 

¯  Visa and MasterCard gift cards are amazing.  Routine expenses such as property repairs, van maintenance, and client prescription medications can all be covered with these.

Of course the gift that is always the perfect fit and color is a monetary one.  Whether it is a re-occurring gift or a one-time holiday donation, here is what you can give a victim of domestic violence:

¯  $25 pays for one crisis call

¯  $55 pays for one hour of therapy, a court accompaniment or case management

¯  $90 pays for one therapy session for a child who has witnessed domestic violence

¯  $180 pays for one night of shelter and food for a woman and her child

¯  $270 pays for one night of shelter and food for a family of three

¯  $500 pays for a six-week parenting class.

If you choose to help Safe Nest with a re-occurring donation, the first month will go to purchase gift cards to help Mom’s to personalize their gifts for their children. The second month will help fund our client needs fund which provides for tickets home, medical care, medication and so many things clients my need.  The rest will go to support Safe Nest services for future victims. 

Please contact Lisa Lynn Chapman at or if you wish to donate to Safe Nest or click here to donate online

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

peace on earth begins at home
There are so many things kids see on tv and think they need. When I left my violent ex-husband my boys actually told me all they wanted for Christmas was for their dad to stop yelling at us and for me to stop crying all the time. I left and it hasn't been easy but we finally have some peace and quiet in our home. Or life isn't perfect but at least we're at peace. And there's no better gift.
(November 26, 2013 ~ 8:16 PM)
By Anonymous