24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Safe Nest hotline helps victims of domestic violence.  A typical day brings over 100 calls for assistance.  Once again, the hotline rings.  The crisis counselor answers, and on the other end of the line…

...a woman requests help so she can leave her abusive partner.  Jennie is concerned for her safety and that of her children.  She is afraid that her partner may try to prevent them from leaving or show up at her job while she is at work. Jennie tells the counselor that she doesn’t have any money since her partner insists on handling all of their finances.  Her partner has also told Jennie repeatedly that she and her kids would never make it without her since Jennie had no common sense and was crazy. 

  The counselor works with Jennie to create an individual
safety plan.  This includes planning the best time to leave, preparing to take important items with her when she leaves, and informing a trusted emergency contact of herplans. Since Jennie is concerned for her safety, the counselor advises her how she can get a Temporary Protection Order.  Jennie is also given referrals to several community organizations which can help her with her desire to become self-sufficient.

Jennie and her children successfully leave and take refuge in the Safe Nest shelter. While living in shelter, Jennie and her children attended counseling sessions and participated in the Family Conflict Prevention Program which helped them to have more positive interactions.  Thanks to the counseling, Jennie realized that she is not crazy.  She now lives independently with her children and manages herownmoney.  

Because of you and your generosity, Safe Nest is able to help Jennie and thousands more like her.  Thank you for helping us to continue being on the other end of the line for those in need.