SAFE (Sisters Advocating for Empowerment)


Sisters Advocating for Empowerment (SAFE) was created almost solely by Safe Nest volunteers wanting to increase awareness about Adolescent Relationship Abuse (teen dating violence) among other young women like themselves.  The creator-facilitators have either direct or indirect experience with domestic violence, giving them a unique perspective on how intimate partner violence can impact a young woman.  Their age, but more importantly their distinctive experiences lend them credibility and group participants are quickly comfortably engaged in the group process.

The facilitators provide a common meeting ground for young women to explore the attributes of healthy relationships.  That common ground is based on similar experiences and the safety created by the facilitators who encourage the participants to talk about the presence of domestic violence in their lives.  Whether witnessing intimate partner violence between their parents or caretakers or if they are themselves experiencing abuse at the hands of their partners, their isolation is broken and the support is created for them to safely address their circumstances.

A real strength of the S.A.F.E. program is the focus on empowering and building the skills of the young women. This results in young women who are knowledgeable about appropriate respectful relationships, the warning signs of potentially abusive relationships and the resources available to assist them with either.