Safe Nest Needs Help with Pets!


Domestic violence affects all members of the family--even the furry, four-legged ones.  In facts, surveys have soon a direct link between pet abuse and domestic violence.  In three surveys in shelter in Wisconsin and Utah, approximately 74 percent of pet-owning victims reported that a pet has been threatened, injured or killed by their abusive partner.  Additionally, 20 per of the women delayed leaving a violent situation due to fear for their pet.

Safe Nest averages about 20 crisis calls per month where a victim wishes to leave but has a pet and doesn't want to leave the pet behind.  Safe Nest will work with the client to place the pet in a safe place where she can visit. Safe Nest is currently limited in the number of animal organizations that assist us with boarding and we are looking for other organization that might be able to assist in boarding. (Free is always best, but often we can find some funds to help defray costs). 

We want to give a two-paw thank you to Northwest Animal Hospital and Black Mountain Animal Hospital for the support and assistance over the years.  

Please call Cheryl at 702-646-4981 if you want more information regarding helping pets.