Safe Nest Pilots Program for African American victims


Safe Nest received VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) funding through the Nevada Attorney General’s office to initiate a pilot program to address domestic violence in the African American community in Southern Nevada.  Women and men of all ages and races are at risk of becoming the victim of domestic violence with African Americans at greater risk than other races. 

The rate for African American women is 35 percent higher than for white women and two and one-half times higher than for women of other races.  The highest rates of non-lethal domestic violence are for African American women and those between the ages of 16 and 24.  When domestic violence results in homicide, African Americans account for one third of the victims.  This is four times the rate of white victims.  African American women account for 20 percent of these homicides while only being 8 percent of the country’s population.

Safe Nest and the Attorney General’s office have recognized that the African American community in Las Vegas is underserved in the realm of domestic violence services.  To help reduce barriers and increase access to services Safe Nest will be working with community leaders and programs which provide services to African American victims of domestic violence in their neighborhoods. 

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there need to be more assistant to help a women get out the situation, we dont wanna take our kids to a shelter when they have a home. another big issue is have support for single moms, ie; immediate child care assistance, when u depend on the the abuser to help with the kids, and you a working mom, its hard, and cant afford the high cost of child care, i have a 4yr and 8yr old and witout assistance i cant afford to pay boys and girls club and full time child care so i can work. we need help with resources that allows us to depend on ourselves, and means to get out abusive relationship.
(April 02, 2014 ~ 1:15 PM)
By Anonymous