Violet--A Safe Nest Success Story


Violet is a young mother with two children.  Her boyfriend was extremely physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to her and her two children.  Whenever she left the apartment, neighbors would tell her boyfriend that she left and he would beat her.  Since people were always watching her and the apartment. Violet truly was trapped in her own home and living in fear.

Violet called the Safe Nest’s domestic violence hotline.  Over several weeks of talking to the Safe Nest Crisis Counselors, Violet began to believe there was a way out.  She could finally leave this violent prison.  Working closely with Crisis Counselors, Violet developed safety plan to help keep her and her children safer while she was planning to leave.  Once she had her leaving plan, Violet waited for the right time when her boyfriend was at work and he couldn’t leave to bring her back.

Fearful and unknowing how she was going to survive but also knowing she wouldn’t survive if she stayed, Violet left. She picked the children up at school.  She already had bags packed for all of them and what important papers and documents she could find.  She met a Shelter Advocate at a specified location and she was taken into shelter.  For the first time, Violet and her children felt safe.

Working with her Advocate, Violet enrolled her children school under fictitious names.  She went to Family Court and met with a Safe Nest TPO advocate and applied for a Temporary Protection Order. Most importantly, after no contact with family for several years, she was finally able to talk to her parents and her parents were able to speak to their grandchildren for the first time.  Her parents were so grateful to know she was okay and safe. 

Violet and her children lived in the Safe Nest shelter for 6 weeks.  During that time, Violet worked with several community partners to establish her new life.  She found a job and affordable housing.  She also attended support groups and parenting classes.  Slowly as things started to come together, Violet really believed that she and her children could live on their own.  

She moved out on her own for the first time. Before leaving the Safe Nest shelter, Violet worked with her Advocate again on a new safety plan to help her stay safe.  She and her children started counseling with Safe Nest counselors. 

Now Violet is working and living on her own.  Her children are growing up in a peaceful home.  She visits with her parents often and her children are getting to know their grandparents.  Most of all, Violet knows she is supported and no matter what, she can always turn to Safe Nest for help.