Virtual Tour of the Safe Nest Shelter


The Safe Nest Shelter is one of Las Vegas' best kept secret.  For 37 years, Safe Nest has operated a confidential shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children.  One of the first questions we are asked by donors and supporters is if they could tour our shelter and of course the answer is no.

Then a yes answer came by way of a generous aspiring filmmaker, TJ Hess.   And working with Safe Nest, he produced an amazing virtual tour of the Safe Nest Shelter.  So now, if you would like to see the shelter, we can proudly say yes and keep the confidential and safety our clients need.

So thank you TJ Hess, producer/sound engineer; Michael Sweeney, videographer; Heather Aradas, editor; and Allysa Gorham, voice-over for your hard work, talents and generousity.

We hope you enjoy this tour of the Safe Nest Shelter.