Advocates are a vital component of Safe Nest's work to end domestic violence. They work with victims who are navigating the judicial and legal systems and help them gain access to community resources. In addition, advocates work with law enforcement, social service agencies and the courts to increase sensitivity to victims' needs and to ensure a strong and effective response to victims in crisis.


With education, information and support, victims can navigate complex service systems that are intimidating in the best of circumstances. Advocates assist victims by helping them obtain protective orders, and providing information on separation, divorce and child custody as well as accompanying victims to court.

Victims who have been arrested for defending themselves are eligible for advisory services, and victims whose perpetrator is being prosecuted are also assisted through the process.

Safe Nest advocates also respond to requests from hospitals and healthcare professionals. Advocates are available by phone. In extreme cases, advocates may meet with a victim at the healthcare provider's location.

Safe Nest Advocates can be contacted at: 702-877-0133.

Protection Orders

An important aspect of Safe Nest advocacy is helping victims with the Protection Order process. Located inside the Family Court, Safe Nest staff assist victims with the application process to obtain a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) or extended order. There is no fee to apply for a TPO or for Safe Nest's advocacy services.

A TPO may require the person who committed or threatened domestic violence against the applicant to:

  • Stop threatening, harassing or injuring the plaintiff
  • Move out of the residence
  • Stay away from the plaintiff's job
  • Stay away from the children's school
  • Avoid or limit all communication with the plaintiff or children
Protective Order Office
601 N. Pecos, Room #54
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702-455-3400

Emergency Temporary Protective Orders

Emergency Temporary Protective Orders (ETPOs) are available through the Crisis Hotline. These special protection orders are available if the batterer is currently in police custody for domestic violence. Law enforcement usually provides this information at the scene of the arrest. ETPOs are processed over the phone, signed by a judge and the batterer is served prior to being released from the mandatory 12-hour domestic-battery hold. The ETPO is a non-contact order that is valid for seven days until a Temporary Protective Order hearing is held at family court.

To obtain an ETPO (after your abuser is arrested) call the Safe Nest 24-hour Crisis Hotline at 702-646-4981.