Dedicated to ending domestic violence within families, Safe Nest provides counseling services for victims, batterers and their children. Counseling for teens is also offered. Services are provided by licensed marriage and family therapists and licensed clinical social workers. All services are offered on a sliding-fee scale. Counseling at Safe Nest specifically addresses domestic-violence issues and safety. We have three offices available in Clark County, Nevada.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call one of Safe Nest’s Counseling Offices.

In Las Vegas, call: (702) 877-0133
In Mesquite, NV call: (702) 346-1944
In Boulder City, NV call: (702) 293-7836

Concerned Victim of Abuse

Victim/Survivor Counseling

Counseling is provided for those who have experienced domestic violence in all of its forms, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Survivors can expect confidential services that focus on safety, support and empowerment. Both individual and group counseling are available to assist survivors in healing from the trauma of domestic violence.

Court-ordered Women

Due to the steady increase in the number of women referred who are arrested for domestic violence, Safe Nest offers a program for court-ordered women. The program is state-certified, and counseling groups are led by female/male treatment teams. Women arrested for domestic violence may not be the primary physical aggressor in the relationship, but rather self-defending survivors or women who use violence to decrease their chances for further victimization. Safe Nest offers 26-week and 52-week programs to address the needs of women arrested for domestic violence.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Counseling is provided for children and adolescents who have experienced domestic violence. Safe Nest's child and adolescent counseling helps to stop the intergenerational nature of violence. Counseling provides a safe environment for children and adolescents to share the effects that domestic violence has had, or is currently having, on their lives. Child counseling focuses on learning ways to stay safe and learning that the child is not responsible for the violence. Play therapy and sand play therapy is used by trained professionals with children too young to verbalize their feelings. Adolescent counseling also includes assistance for teens who are experiencing violence in a dating relationship or for teens perpetrating dating violence. Both individual and group sessions are available.

Male Counseling

Batterer's Intervention Group

Safe Nest's state-certified group counseling program has been developed to encourage, confront and support abusers with making change in their lives. Male and female co-facilitators specializing in domestic-violence issues work with perpetrators on topics that include: responsibility and accountability, behaviors and choices, belief systems about male/female family roles, the effects of abuse and alternatives to battering. Safe Nest offers 26-week and 52-week programs for domestic violence offenders. The groups are open to both voluntary and court-ordered participants.

Adolescent Victims and Adolescent Batterer's Group

The Adolescent Victim Group was developed for teens who have witnessed violence in their family or who are, or have been, in a violent dating relationship.

The Adolescent Batterer's Group was developed for teens who are or have been abusive toward family members or dating partners. This group focuses on several topics including: defining power and violence, exploring anger, alternatives to violence, choices and responsibility, personal rights, power and control versus equality, healthy dating relationships, gender role socialization and societal pressure and stress mechanisms.