Maintaining more than 70 beds in a confidential location, Safe Nest's shelter provides a refuge for victims to recover from the trauma of domestic violence and transition to an abuse-free life.

Admission to the shelter starts with a call to the Crisis Hotline. After a confidential interview, counselors meet the family at a neutral location and transport them to the shelter. Food, clothing and other basic necessities are provided.


After the family settles in, an advocate is assigned to the family to help them develop a plan focused on the objectives needed to transition to a new life. Shelter stay varies but most residents complete their plans within 60 days.

While in shelter, residents can attend parenting classes, support groups, individual counseling, and skill-building workshops. Children's services include individual and group counseling, with an on-site therapist and a recreational counselor. Shelter clients are also provided employment counseling, housing assistance, referrals for financial and legal aid and many other resources.

One of the specialized programs within shelter is called the Family Conflict Prevention Project. This project is a combination of parenting education for mothers, behavioral education for the children, and counseling to strengthen the parent-child relationship. The 5-week structured curriculum is based on prevention principles promoted by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. This project, in combination with individual counseling, support groups, and structured family activities, is an essential element of healing for shelter residents.