Interfaith Project


The Interfaith Project works to create awareness and provide education, support and resources for faith communities to end the crisis of domestic violence in Southern Nevada.

The goals of the Interfaith Project include:

  • Increasing awareness of what faith communities can do to help prevent and end domestic violence
  • Providing training to religious leaders on the proper response to domestic violence within their congregations
  • Promoting partnerships between secular advocates and faith communities

For more information about resources, conferences or workshop presentations, contact the Interfaith Coordinator at 702-877-0133, ext. 249.

How Faith Communities Can Address Domestic Violence

  • Invite Safe Nest staff to speak to your congregation or conduct a workshop developed to meet specific needs
  • Post domestic-violence materials in your church, synagogue or mosque in highly visible locations, including restrooms
  • Ask clergy to talk about domestic violence in sermons and prayers
  • Learn how and where victims and perpetrators can get help
  • Offer programs to the community's youth about gender equality and non-violent conflict resolution
  • Make a financial or in-kind contribution to Safe Nest

Suggested Resources for Faith Communities

Books on Faith and Domestic Violence:

  • God's Reconciling Love - A Pastor's Handbook On Domestic Violence, Foreword by Dr. Dan B. Allender
  • Domestic Violence - What Every Pastor Needs To Know, by Rev. Al Miles
  • Violence in Families - What Every Christian Needs to Know, by Rev. Al Miles
  • Family Violence and Religion - An Interfaith Resource Guide, Foreword by Rev. Dr. Brian Ogawa
  • Violence against Women and Children - A Christian Theological Sourcebook, Carol J. Adams & Dr. Rev. Marie M. Fortune
  • The Speaking Profits Us - Violence in the Lives of Women of Color, by Maryviolet C. Burns, M.Div., Editor
  • Violence in the Family - A Workshop Curriculum for Clergy and Other Helpers, Marie M. Fortune
  • A Journey Toward Freedom - A Haggadah for Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence


  • Domestic Violence - What Churches Can Do
  • The Healing Years - A documentary about surviving incest and child sexual abuse
  • Wings Like a Dove - Healing for the abused Christian woman
  • Broken Vows - Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence Parts I and II
  • To Save a Life - Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Families
  • Hear Their Cries - Religious Responses to Child Abuse
  • Bless Our Children - Preventing Sexual Abuse

To request copies of these videos, contact the FaithTrust Institute: