Public Education

public education

Safe Nest's Speakers Bureau (Community Outreach) provides information and education to businesses, civic groups, healthcare providers, churches and other organizations. Talks can be tailored to fit your time needs and topic needs.

Additionally Safe Nest provides professional training on domestic violence issues for healthcare providers, businesses, faith communities, universities and colleges, and other professional organizations. Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are awarded for most training.

Contact Safe Nest Outreach: 702-877-0133

Childrens Educational Outreach

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come and talk to us. You helped my friend discover that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Because of this, she is planning to get out of the relationship. Thank you once again." –High School Student

Children frequently witness firsthand the domestic violence that occurs in their home. Because domestic violence is learned behavior, Safe Nest has several programs to intervene in the intergenerational cycle of abuse. Our Children's Educational Outreach Coordinator conducts presentations in schools K-12. Curricula are age-appropriate and have been approved by the Clark County School District.

Adolescents also receive specialized information on the dynamics of domestic violence, its impact on children and young adults and early warning signs. Presentations are arranged at community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, adolescent treatment centers and juvenile and child protective services locations. The issue of teen dating violence (link to fact sheet on teen dating violence) is addressed through interactive presentations designed to identify healthy versus unhealthy dating relationships including how to recognize the warning signs of abusive behavior.

To schedule a presentation for youth please contact: Children's Educational Outreach Coordinator: 702-877-0133

SAFE - Sisters Advocating For Empowerment

Sisters Advocating for Empowerment (SAFE) was created almost solely by Safe Nest volunteers wanting to increase awareness about Adolescent Relationship Abuse (teen dating violence) among other young women like themselves. The creator-facilitators have either direct or indirect experience with domestic violence, giving them a unique perspective and helping to build trust and credibility among group participants.

The 6 week curriculum is designed to optimize learning and processing information to help change existing attitudes while shaping future behaviors about acceptable conduct in a dating relationship. The goal of the group is to equip young women with information on the dynamics of dating violence, resources available for teens, and how to plan for their personal safety. Members explore the characteristics of healthy dating relationships, ways to increase their social support, and enhance their skills for healthy relationships. Personal safety is stressed throughout the sessions and participants are encouraged to confide in a trusted adult if they are experiencing violence.

To discuss the availability of SAFE for your group or agency please contact the Safe Nest Education Outreach Coordinator at 702-877-0133x244 or email for additional information.